AGM 2022 - Members Area

The AGM 2022 timetable has been published as follows:

  • Mon 25th October: Committee Nominations and AGM Motions sought
  • Sun 7th November: Deadline for Nominations, plus AGM Motions and all Business
    • Note: the above deadline was extended to Wed 17th November
  • W/C Mon 22nd November: AGM Pack Published
  • W/C Mon 22nd November to Sun 12th December: Virtual AGM Debate
  • Mon 13th December to Sun 2nd January: Online Voting Takes Place
  • Mon 3rd January to Friday January 7th: Online Votes counted
  • Sat January 8th; Physical AGM

Any comments or questions on the AGM pack can be raised through the office and Paul - you have until Sunday 12th December to do this. 

Such questions will be uploaded to this “AGM members area” of the website so your feelings / questions on any topic can be aired irrespective of whether you intend to attend the physical AGM.

If you do not wish your comments to be shared with the full membership, please make this clear and such comments will only be circulated between the Management Committee attendees.

During this period of virtual debate, the management committee may provide a response depending on the nature of the question / comment. Furthermore, depending on the outcome of such debate an updated AGM Pack may be issued prior to voting and the physical AGM; but such amendments can only be made prior to virtual voting commencing.

As with last year an internet link will be issued for all playing members who want to vote in advance of the AGM to do so; all voting will be kept confidential and the Club Manager (Paul Pownall) and the current President (Geoff Evans) will be responsible for scrutinising both the online and physical votes.   

One final note, as per Rule 30 (as shown in the AGM Pack); you will only be allowed to vote once, anyone voting at the physical AGM will need to have a voting slip with their name so we can ensure you have only registered one vote.

For the AGM Pack see below or CLICK HERE


File NameFile SizeUpload Date
icon AGM 2022 Pack.pdf 868.37 kB 23 Nov 2021 12:36:02