Club Diary

November 2017
DayDate  EventCategory 
Wed19.00am to 6.00pmPrivate Meeting Oak Lounge 
Thu210.30am to 3.30amPrivate Meeting NHBC Oak Lounge 
  6.45pm to 10.00pmBridge Group Oak Lounge 
Fri39.00am to 2.00pmPrivate Function Oak Lounge 
  7.00pm Members please be aware the running group will be departing from Golf Club car park at 7.00 pmGeneral 
Sat47.00pmPrivate party in the Clubhouse Clubhouse 
Sun512.00pm to 5.00pmSunday Lunch Clubhouse 
Tue78.15am to 10.45amLadies Waltz competition - Mixed Draw Club Comp. 
Thu96.45pm to 10.00pmBridge Group Oak Lounge 
Fri1010.00am to 6.00pmPrivate Function  InterviewsOak Lounge 
  12.00pm to 5.00pmPrivate Wake Clubhouse 
  7.00pm to 11.55pmPrivate party in the Clubhouse Clubhouse 
Sun12 AM/AM Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 5.00pmSunday Lunch Clubhouse 
Mon1312.00pmBridge Drive Clubhouse 
Tue148.15am to 10.45amLadies Competition Club Comp. 
  7.00pm to 10.00pmOpen Greens Evening Clubhouse 
Wed153.00pm to 6.00pmComps and Handicap Meeting Oak Lounge 
Thu166.45pm to 10.00pmBridge Group Oak Lounge 
Fri177.30pmQuizgo Social 
Sat182.00pm to 4.00pmPrivate party Oak Lounge 
Sun1912.00pm to 5.00pmSunday Lunch Clubhouse 
Tue218.15am to 10.45amLadies Texas Scramble - Mixed Draw Club Comp. 
Thu236.45pm to 10.00pmBridge Group Oak Lounge 
Fri2411.30am to 1.00pmChris Jennison GS Visitors 
Sat256.00pm to 11.55pmPrivate Function in Oak Lounge Oak Lounge 
Sun26 AM/AM Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 5.00pmSunday Lunch Clubhouse 
Tue288.15am to 10.45amLadies Non Qual Stableford  All prizeClub Comp. 
  10.00am to 3.00pmChristmas Fair Clubhouse 
  12.00pm to 5.00pmLadies meeting Oak Lounge 
  5.30pmManagement Committee Meeting General 
Thu309.30am to 9.45am1909 Radcliffe on Trent Visitors 
  6.45pm to 10.00pmBridge Group Oak Lounge 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 7:13am to 4:26pm

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