May 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Mon29.00amSeniors Match  v Chilwell ManorAway Match 
  1.00pm to 2.30pmLadies v Gents Match General 
Tue38.30am to 10.00amLadies Stableford Club Comp. 
  3.00pm to 4.00pm3rd Team Match v The Nottinghamshire Home Match 
  4.30pmScratch League Match   v Ramsdale ParkAway Match 
Sat77.00am to 2.00pmAlabaster Trophy Club Comp. 
Sun810.00am to 10.20amLadies Stableford Club Comp. 
  10.30amMixed Friendly Match  v HinckleyAway Match 
Mon910.00amSeniors Match  v Glen GorseAway Match 
Tue108.30am to 10.00amLadies Stableford + Furse Granny Tray Club Comp. 
  4.00pmFriendly at The Nottinghamshire Away Match 
Wed114.00pm1st & 2nd Team  v RothleyAway Match 
Thu121.30pm to 2.30pmLadies Silver League Fixture   v Beeston FieldsHome Match 
Sat147.00am to 2.00pmMedal and Belper Cup Club Comp. 
  10.00am to 10.20amLadies Medal + Spring Meeting Club Comp. 
  4.00pm to 11.55pm50th Birthday Party  Madie MasonClubhouse 
Mon161.00pm to 1.40pmDavid Evans Society Visitors 
Tue178.30am to 10.00amLadies Medal + Spring Meeting Club Comp. 
Wed189.30am to 10.30amSeniors Match  v The NottinghamshireHome Match 
  4.00pm3rd Team Match v Radcliffe on Trent Away Match 
Thu191.30pm to 2.00pmBronze League Match   v Sherwood Forest GCHome Match 
Sat217.00am to 3.00pmRushcliffe Open Open Comp. 
Sun22  General 
  10.00am to 10.20amLadies Stableford Club Comp. 
  11.00am to 11.40amGT Signs Visitors 
Mon234.00pm to 5.00pmScratch League Match   v SpringwaterHome Match 
Tue248.30am to 10.00amLadies Medal + Flag Cup Club Comp. 
Wed259.30am to 10.30amSeniors Match  v Chevin Golf ClubHome Match 
Thu261.30pm to 2.30pmLadies Silver League Fixture  v HollinwellHome Match 
Sat287.00am to 2.00pmStableford Club Comp. 
  10.00am to 10.20amLadies Stableford + Grannie Boon Cup Club Comp. 
Sun291.00pmMixed Friendly Match  v WillesleyAway Match 
Tue318.30am to 10.00amLadies Stableford + Grannie Boon Cup Club Comp. 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 7:34am to 5:00pm