August 2022
DayDate  EventCategory 
Tue28.30am to 10.00amLadies Medal + Atkey Cup  Inc. NCLGA Club Handicap Champs QualificationClub Comp. 
Wed39.30am to 10.30amSeniors Match  v Chilwell ManorHome Match 
  3.00pm3rd Team Match   v RuddingtonAway Match 
Thu41.30pmLadies Silver League Fixture   v Beeston FieldsAway Match 
Fri510.30am to 3.00pmProvisional - Notts' Past Captains Visitors 
Sat67.00am to 1.00pmMens Greensome Competition Club Comp. 
Sun77.00am to 2.00pmStableford Club Comp. 
  10.00am to 10.20amLadies Stableford + Centenary Trophy Club Comp. 
Mon811.00am to 12.00pmLadies friendly   v Chevin Golf ClubAway Match 
  4.30pmScratch League Match   v SpringwaterAway Match 
Tue98.30am to 10.00amLadies Stableford + Centenary Trophy Club Comp. 
Wed1010.30amSeniors Match  v MickleoverAway Match 
  4.00pm3rd Team Match v Radcliffe on Trent Home Match 
Thu118.00am to 2.00pmMens Senior Open Open Comp. 
Fri126.00pmWedding Party - Evening Reception General 
Sat137.00am to 2.00pmSecretaries Bowl Club Comp. 
Sun149.00am to 9.20amLadies Phelps Bowl + Eclectic Par Round 1 Club Comp. 
  10.30am to 11.00amEx-Jockeys Society Visitors 
  2.00pm to 2.20pmLadies Phelps Bowl + Eclectic Par Round 2 Club Comp. 
Mon154.30pm to 5.30pmScratch League Match   v Oakmere ParkHome Match 
Tue168.30am to 10.00amLadies Phelps Bowl + Eclectic Par Round 1 Club Comp. 
  12.00pm to 1.00pmWillesley Golf Club 2020 Group General 
  1.30pm to 2.00pmLadies Phelps Bowl + Eclectic Par Round 2 Club Comp. 
Wed179.30am to 10.30amSeniors Match  v Ruddington GrangeHome Match 
  4.00pm3rd Team Match v The Nottinghamshire Away Match 
Fri191.15pm to 1.40pmRolls Royce Society Visitors 
Sat2010.00am to 12.00pmBMS Group General 
  7.00pm to 11.55pmSummer Ball  with Marc BoltonClubhouse 
Sun217.00am to 1.30pmQuorn Hunt Cup - Mixed Medal Club Comp. 
  1.30pmMixed Team Match  v LingdaleHome Match 
Mon2210.00amSeniors Match  v ErewashAway Match 
  1.30pmLadies Silver League Fixture   v HollinwellAway Match 
Tue238.30am to 10.00amLadies Medford Club Comp. 
Wed243.30pm1st & 2nd Team v Stanton-on-the-Wolds Away Match 
Fri261.00pm to 1.30pmWindmill Golf Society General 
Sat277.00am to 2.00pmTatham Shield Club Comp. 
  10.00am to 10.20amLadies Stableford Club Comp. 
Tue308.30am to 10.00amLadies Stableford Club Comp. 
Wed319.30amSeniors Match  v MapperleyAway Match 
  3.00pm1st/2nd Team Match v Lingdale Home Match 

Estimated golfing daylight time for today: 7:34am to 5:00pm