Junior Update - April 2013

Finally, a chance to talk about what we have done rather than just about what we are planning!!

Two League team squad coaching sessions, two club competitions, the first league table in the Earl Howe order of merit, two League matches and two Thursday night "nippers" nights - Great.

Competitions - Dandy April for Danzey!

37 Points in the GrenJon Trophy and a nett 67 in the Minster Cup were good enough to bring Harry Danzey two wins out of two.  Come on everyone else ..... can you rise to the challenge?  Neither win was easy and Henry Brewin & Lewis Griggs take the runners up slots.

A big "well done" to Ben Danzey, Jack Rhodes and Jacob & Joshua Bates for playing in these competitions.  We want more of our younger & less experienced Juniors to join us on competition days - so if you are reading this wondering if you should play in the competitions, then please follow the lead of these four guys and lets see you at the next competition in May half term.

For everyone who is eligible by virtue of a handicap of 28 or below, lets see if you can replicate your form in the main club medals and stablefords.  Please get entered in these competitions too.

League Team squad coaching 

We wondered ..... will it work, will Juniors and parent support it, will anyone come ..... we should never have worried.  A good attendance of 10 for the first one and then 15 out of the 18 invited for the second.  We plan more sessions so look out on the e-mail for reminders of when  the next chance to benefit from Chris's expert tuition is.

League Team results

Could it be any tougher than two away games, both on courses that not a single one of the players selected had played or even been to before and then individual games where only one Rushcliffe player was a lower handicap than his matchplay opponent?  Outcome ...... a great halved match at The Newark Golf Club and a Win at The Kilton Forest Golf Club.  Well done to all the players and just as much for the way you have represented yourselves and the club as for the results.  We could get carried away, but lets just call it a promising start to the League season, there is a long way to go and lets remember if we can go away and win other teams will be thinking they can come to the Cliffe and do the same.  

Thursday's as popular as ever.

Great to see so many younger players at the first two sessions.  These are key to the future of our Junior group and a great way to start in golf.  No doubt as the summer evenings, we are all hoping for, start to come around these sessions will go from strength to strength.

 Look out for the next update next month.

Steve & Stuart