Junior Update - May 2014

Lots to report across all our usual themes so no preamble this month ........

Club Competitions

This months half term brings us to the Nairn Cup in the competitive calendar.  The awful weather all week broke for the Friday morning, but the wet course made for a real challenge.  Firstly it was great to see 14 Juniors compete and we hope all who are just starting playing in competitions enjoyed their experience - please keep playing.  To reinforce the potential of our emerging talent the honours were taken by George Henfry with his net 67 from a handicap of 36.  The runner up slot was taken by Lewis Griggs (79 less 10 for net 69).

Before we move on a special mention to our Junior Girls who joined the competition & showing their immense enthusiasm & potential.  We can see the main summer competitions ahead now ..... will one of these Girls be the first since Helen Woods to put the boys in the shade?

Nottinghamshire Union of Golf Clubs Junior League

Two games in May, both away and being managed by a number of the team around studying for exams.  The games at the Beeston Fields Golf Club & the Chilwell Manor Golf Club were both closely contested and throughout hopes remained alive of taking something.  However, on each occasion the home side ran out 4 1/2 to 1 1/2 winners.  Wins for Harry Danzey & Cameron Gray and a halved match at Beeston Fields for Lewis Griggs showed all the team it is possible to take points in away games.  Just as important the game at Chilwell Manor saw Harry come back from 5 down with 5 to play to earn a half - The sort of "never give up" approach every player can learn from.

Player Development 

The amazing commitment from Chris Hall means that throughout the month we have alternated Sunday coaching between the league team squad and the Up & Coming talent.  Progress of both groups is something to see and shows no signs of slowing down.  With Thursday night coaching as popular as ever we hope everyone is enjoying their practise and seeing their skills improve.


Please get un touch if you know of any under 18 boy or girl who can join our group.  We will do all we can to facilitate them being part of the Cliffe Junior Group.

More Anon.

Stuart & Steve