Pros Winter League 2016/2017

Come and Join in the Fun

Every Saturday throughout the winter we run a Stableford competition with Individual prizes down to about 6th place depending on the amount of entries. We take 10% of the fund and put it into a runnng total to play for in the League.

Each Saturday you can win points towards your final Order of Merit position as follows:-

1st = 12pts

2nd = 10pts

3rd = 8pts, 4th = 7pts, 5th = 6pts, 6th = 5pts, 7th = 4pts, 8th = 3pts, 9th = 2pts, 10th = 1pt

You can play as many times as you wish and we will select your 10 best finishes for the Final Total.

If you win a Saturday event your handicap will get cut by 1 shot for the rest of the winter league, if you come 2nd your handicap will be cut by 1/2 a shot.