Spring Meeting - Tuesday 28th may 2019

Medal £3 to include donation to Lifeboat 

From 1st Tee


From 16th Tee

8.45 am

Lynne Bartram

Marilyn Prentice


9.00 am

Susan Nicholls

Shirley Neal

8.51 am

Babs Perkins

Tina Gillott


9.06 am

Sheila Godber

Anne Bloor

8.57 am

Sue Maine

Jean Peasnall


9.12 am

Gill Tubb

Jean Reaveley

9.03 am

Mary Dade

Helen Lister


9.24 am

Marion Clayton

Jean Makin

9.09 am

Linda Allwood

Kim Robertson


9.30 am

Carol Taylor

Alison Johnson

9.15 am

Sue Green

Annette Gale


9.36 am

Lynda Jagger

Sheila Reckless

9.21 am

Pat Gladstone

Anne Hickling


9.42 am

Iris Collings

Wendy Morris

9.27 am

Wendy Allen

Wendy Miller


9.48 am

Mary Hawkins

Ena Highet

Jenny Chambers




















* Please pay in the Pro shop