The Rushcliffe Order of Merit: Events 2019

 Mar 30, Sat


 Apr 4, Thu


 Apr 6, Sat


 Apr 28, Sun


 May 11, Sat


 May 23, Thu


 Jun 3, Mon


 Jun 8, Sat

 Major Event: Kiddier Cup (Stableford)

 Jun 22, Sat

 Major Event: Rabbits Cup (Medal; handicaps 19 & above) ^

 Jun 24, Mon


 Jun 29, Sat

 Major Event: Club Championship (Medal; handicaps up to 18) ^

 Jul 4, Thu


 Jul 13, Sat

 Major Event: Cygnet Cup (Medal)

 Jul 18, Thu


 Jul 21, Sun

 Major Event: Fewkes Bowl (Medal)

 Jul 25, Thu


 Aug 8, Thu


 Aug 21, Wed


 Aug 25, Sun

 Major Event: Quorn Hunt Cup (Medal)

 Sep 2, Mon 

 Runoff Event: Medal

 Sep 8, Sun 

 Runoff Event: Medal

^ Players may earn points in only one of these two Events on the basis of ‘If the Rabbits Cup then not the Club Championship’.

to be held at Kedleston Park Golf Club, Derbyshire, DE22 5JD

on Sunday 6th October 2019
(tee times 12noon & 12:10pm; Stableford; full handicap) 

Eligible players: Order of Merit’s top-6 (alternates derived from rankings in the Order of Merit).
Players tee-off in reverse order.
 In the event of a tie count-back will decide the winner & if there is still a tie then a sudden-death playoff will take place.